Why Uniphy?

The relentless pursuit of competitive advantage drives more than ever an increasing velocity for releases along with higher, overwhelming levels of deployment complexity.

The dramatic growth in choice of providers, platforms and flavors of operational environments demand that organizations respond adaptively, even asresource constraints make it challenging to nearly impossible to do so.

This is where relatively automated release and operations management platforms come in. They can enable prioritized, compressed, tighter, faster, and iterative cycles for both software development and business evolution

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Unified Operations and Application Lifecycle Management

DSI has a vantage point into the best practices and practical challenges or operating large, hybrid applications within enterprises. We have years of experience in implementing enterprise logistics and application transformation/automation solutions to drive a more efficient IT ecosystem.

We have parlayed these into a single solution platform for automated operations and Application Release Orchestration–UNIPHY

We have parlayed these into a single solution platform for automated operations and Application Release Orchestration–UNIPHY. The platform will provide the enterprise with developer-empowerment through self-service provisioning, enable rapid-response teams through intelligent release and deployment management automation, leaner, more efficient operations through metering and predictive analytics.Uniphy provides an integrated, yet loosely couple framework for leveraging existing open source toolchains as well and custom built infrastructure recipes, an intuitive user interface and several pre-built templates and integrations to leverage for a jumpstart.

Manage IT assets including multiple cloud platforms, workgroups, containers and applications.

It provides access to exhaustive chef/puppet libraries that can be used to create different environment stacks, allows for automatic provisioning of these environments through self-service models by individual developers

Clear visibility into what is deployed where and who changed what
DevOps–from a DevOps pipeline perspective UNIPHY offers its own DevOps stack including provisioning and orchestration with an intuitive UI. Its model-driven application template is a build-once-use-anytime design that enables IT ecosystems to incorporate best practices within their own systems. The comprehensive DevOps pipeline –including workflows, deployment strategies and pipelines allows for ‘auto-piloting’ of the application life cyclewhere IT can design, provision, productionize, scale, repair and replace instances and run automated runbooks for operational management

Features built for scale

Get insights to dig down into what's powering your growth the most.


Agile and Driven by Value Chain


XaaS-enabled -with IT as a service


Leveraging a multi-cloud and platform-neutral orchestrator


Seamlessly moving across various flavors of hybrid clouds, and choice of toolchains

Accelerate software delivery with a complete DevOps platform

Operational Transformation

8-15 % YoY effort savings through

Automated operations, intelpgent automation

Automated Runbooks

Single window perspective across operational footprint over multiple clouds and hybrid environments

Ability to set and enforce and track quotas and cost at a very granular level across the ecosystem

Operational Transformation

Reducing in efficiencies in workflows and systems through automated workflows

Eliminate bottle necks through self-service provisioning of environments

Empower teams through role-based access to managing the application lifecycle

Build Enterprise Assets and an enterprise inventory for infrastructure,stack and configuration

Quicker TTM–30%

25% YoY incident elimination

8-15 % YoY effort savings through

Eliminateconfiguration drift,

Achieve idempotency in environments

Use Infrastructure as code with a low-code platform

Management of security and standards policies automatically

Unified management of hybrid cloud environments

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Being equipped with the right technology and tools to move faster and smarter sets the pace for Digital Software Inc. to make you understand the DevOps maturity level and cutting edge DevOps services to optimize the cost, scalability and agility of your IT ecosystem.

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Work more easily with everyonewith best Uniphy features

- Orchestration across containers, container management systems, cloud providers

- Platform-neutral self-service Environment Provisioning and Management


- Relentless monitoring

- Reusable templates

- Chain of custody across release activities

- Metrics and visualizations