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Who We Are

You’ve heard it before - that technology has changed the world. With inter-connectivity, information and interaction there is more opportunity as well as more risk.  To power business initiatives in such an environment, we work towards being a partner with a difference - one that breaks down the traditional fulfillment models and instead brings a capability and practice driven technology model to address changing business needs.

Our technology practices are built around proven enterprise transformational processes with a keen eye towards fast and lean implementation models. We use techno-functional teams to uncover solutions to complex enterprise challenges to transform the customer journey.  We marry our firm’s consulting capabilities, industry expertise and trusted methodologies to innovation and creative prowess.

This helps us ensure that we deliver flexible, functional solutions that meet—and exceed—our clients’ needs.

What We do Differently

Unlike do-it-all consultancies, Digital has invested in capability building across multiple highly-specialized domains.We provide advisory through end-to-end implementation services as well as outsourcing services.

Our experienced technology professionals offer deep technical experience in their area of focus and are committed to delivering efficient, technology-based solutions to our clients. Our professionals are also aligned to industry sectors. By combining our technical capabilities with our industry experiences, we create unmatched market offerings to solve our clients' business issues. Additionally, we have long-term partnerships with many of the world's leading technology companies, allowing us to understand solution alternatives and recommend and support the most appropriate solution for our clients. By leveraging these elements, we are able to help our clients convert leading edge ideas into tangible results.

Our professionals are aligned with a technology service line to promote the development of deep technical skills and experiences and improve our ability to tailor solutions to solve our clients' business issues.

More About Us

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