Service Transformation

25% YoY incident elimination through

  • Eliminate data quality, database, server performance issues.
  • Reduce inefficiencies in data and systems.
  • Cloud Footprint optimization.
  • Quicker TTM – 25%.

4-8 % YoY effort savings through

  • Automated operations, intellect automation.
  • Metering Dashboard* for usage analytics and metrics Solution.
  • Preventive, proactive and predictive monitoring through for automated monitoring process.

Business and Technology Transformation

  • Empower teams through self-service.
  • Streamline Operational Calendar.
  • Build Enterprise Assets for infrastructure, stack and configuration.
  • Reduce Operational overhead.
  • Platform transformation strategy (Unified market place) – single uniform architecture, tool and platform consolidation on Cloud.
  • Information Economics will help optimize data and analytics architecture.
  • Platform agnostic application based pricing model enables seamless support during technology transformation.
  • Automated DevOps Pipelines.

Bringing Value through UNIPHY


  • Boot Camp Sessions for Discovery and Operational Modeling.
  • Pre-built templates for jump star.

Enabling Business and Technology Transformation:

  • Single uniform architecture, tool and platform consolidation on Cloud.
  • Maximise TCO, remove inefficiencies, scale costs to business volumes.
  • Reduce operational or CAPEX expense or mix cost models.
  • Quickly build new differential capabilities combining existing and new assets.
  • Reduce time from idea to production capability.

Innovation and Thought Leaderships:

  • Governance and operational Insights.
  • Platform Health Check.
  • Best practices every quarter.

Intelligent Automation through Tools and Accelerators


  • Source Code Management.
  • Configuration/Construction.
  • Build and Continuous Integration.
  • Automated Testing.
  • Artifact/Asset Management.


  • Hybrid Connectivity.
  • Hybrid security.
  • Autoscaling.
  • Auto Healing.
  • Canaries.


  • Identify recurring data issues.
  • Monitoring and metrics.
  • Runbook Automation.
  • Deployment Automation.
  • Predictive Operations.


  • Ops Tooling Integration.
  • Security Tooling Integration.
  • TTM.
  • Release Management.
  • A/B Deployments.
  • Release Testing

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