Enterprise Information

The challenge for businesses is how to capitalize on big data


The volume and availability of data is skyrocketing, and so are the expectations that it will yield analytical insights for improved business decision making. The challenge for businesses is how to capitalize on big data and shift innovation into high gear when budgets are tight and consumed by operational maintenance. DSI's BI & Analytics Services provide a comprehensive set of BI consulting and Data Warehousing capabilities to meet this challenge by simultaneously reducing costs and driving innovation.

Service Offerings

Decision makers across industries expect their Information Technology partners to understand the intricacies of their business processes and align the business needs with the right technology. The quest of an organization to become an informed enterprise amidst rapidly changing market dynamics is stronger than ever.

DSI Analytics Services provide a comprehensive set of capabilities to meet this challenge by simultaneously reducing costs, while distilling quick business value from big data.

DSI's BI & Analytics Services portfolio ranges from Support to advisory Services, in five essential areas

  • Business Intelligence
  • Analytics
  • Big Data
  • Enterprise Information Solutions
  • Corporate Performance Management

DSI's Bigdata Services

  • Big Data Management Strategy & Road Map Creation.
  • Big data analytics consulting
  • Design, develop, integrate, deploy enterprise apps on NOSQL
  • Data modelling & algorithm development
  • Develop map reduce code, transformations, custom code
  • Data integration services & document indexing
  • Reports, visualizations, statistical programming, text mining
  • Development services on Hadoop & Spark
  • Big data testing, Provisioning & automation
  • Data governance
  • Identity access management
  • 24*7 support, preventive maintenance
  • Back up, recovery, archival support & big data admin

DSI's BI & Analytics Practice

DSI’s Business Intelligence & Analytics practice combines the best of both worlds – Strong Domain Expertise with impeccable Technology credentials – to provide the “Right” solutions to our customers. These solutions are designed to meet three strategic objectives—transformation, innovation and shared services—that together deliver immediate and long-term value for our customers.

Our solutions help transform your business through timely, actionable insight for optimizing your internal processes as well as your customer and supplier relationships. This includes putting in place a repeatable process and scalable platform for innovation that leverages current assets and helps identify new data relationships that can be used for competitive advantage. We also help your organization overcome budget constraints and free up additional resources by improving efficiency and cost-effectiveness through shared services.

Why Digital?

Our analytics team brings in-depth knowledge and expertise across a broad spectrum of industries. The combination of our services portfolio and our lean industrialized delivery model sets DSI apart and provides exceptional value for our customers.