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Mobile Application Development

Digital transformation has had a significant impact on enterprises, industries and the world. The importance of enterprise and consumer mobility solutions is heightened with the proliferation of multiple mobile devices and operating systems. In the wake of seemingly insatiable consumer demand for mobility, we help our clients grasp the scope of the change as well as the trends it engenders to securely navigate this exciting new playing field.

DSI’s Services help in reaching the target consumer and improving overall enterprise productivity. Over the last decade the focus of our DSI’s Mobile Solutions practice has evolved with the industry. Starting from app centricity in the beginning, to seamless Omni-channel enablement, and now, a standardized digital CX realization.

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Google is actively transforming the idea behind Android development, covering the cloud, wearables, connected cars, IoT, AI, and augmented reality.

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Up to 70% of our clients consider the Apple platform as a part of their businesses, but our solution is not limited to iOS development anymore.

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Mapbox empowers marketers to create digital marketing dashboards easily and share them with their team.

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React native

Netflix's mission is to create a planet run by the sun. In order to achieve this goal, they needed to find a way to make solar simple.

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