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Unlock your company’s potential with connective operations through Workday solutions

What Workday can do

With a fast developing environment and new dynamics being added daily. Any organization needs an innovative, flexible and secured technology which helps the processes to be streamlined, efficient and optimized at a minimum cost.

Some of the key challenges which organization faces are:

Proper utilization of their internal skills

More support required

Reduce Operational costs

Minimize System disruptions

Our domain and technology expertise in Workday can help you in facing these challenges and provide you the best services for maintenance and support of your Workday data. Our service helps you in getting real time benefits in reduced time frame and minimal cost.

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What we do - workday services.

The enterprise landscape has become more demand for improved services and service-centric at an all-time high. As a result, enterprise leaders are looking to focus on rapid, high quality workforce, Digital and Workday have a host of innovative solutions

Digital Software Inc. enables workday services that fuels growth and business innovation by accelerating the creation of new works for a successful Workday investment.

We offer a broad portfolio of services with leading-edge applications, functionality and experience.


HR Process assessment

Talent Management

Process Transformation

Workforce & Payroll Management

HR Service Delivery

Change Management

Data Anaytics

Cloud Support

Finance Management

Financial Planning

Revenue Management



Payroll Administration

Global case management

Performance reporting

Payroll Integrations


Application Management Services



Release Management

Reports & Analytics

Strategic Road mapping

Help Desk

DSI’s Workday Offering

We help align business goals with technology solutions that guide you through every step of your transformation, equipped with the technical expertise and best practices you need to achieve success with Workday.
We help you roll out your DSI’s expert to develop and implement solutions that integrates with your current goals.
Work with the implementation team to find out the most efficient process and the one that works best for your organization.
Help organizations to address the people side of technology change. Focus on initiatives and adoption to the processes, policies and organizational alignments necessary to make your Workday implementation a success
Boosts your investment with streamline strategies and processes for better results.
We help you understand the complete picture of your workforce from any source with data from Workday to gain insight like never before
A cloud model that actually manages leading practices to accelerate solution design and delivery.
DSI offers you continuous support and optimization of your productive processes.

Experience the Difference with DSI.

We provide Intelligent Solutions that collaborate and co-innovate to help our customers accelerate their journey with Workday to unlock the greater value of investment and innovation.

Enhanced Methodology

Business Focused Solutions

Culture and People

Understands Partnership

Strategic Velocity

Greater Value

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Expand Workday success across the enterprise. Take the risk out of going fast and minimize friction with the right partners to achieve your transformation goals.

Our Digital Workplace Solutions

We provide Intelligent Solutions that collaborate and co-innovate to help our customers accelerate their journey with Workday to unlock the greater value of investment and innovation.


Data and Applications




Productivity and Colloboration